The Guesstimator: Predict the Gorsuch nomination vote and win a prize!

Washington Post

By Washington Post Opinion Staff

Manus Cooney, former chief counsel and staff director of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Cloture vote: 55-45

Nuclear option? Yes

Final vote: 59-41

“Senate Republicans will be forced to do for Supreme Court nominees what then-Majority Leader Harry Reid did in 2013 for lower-court and executive-branch nominations. The Post reported in 2013 that Reid’s reasoning was that the Senate Rules ‘must evolve.’ Reid said he faced a choice: “Continue like we are or have democracy.” With Gorsuch, Senate Democrats do not seem as concerned about evolution and democracy. Instead, they argue – ironically — that the original intent [of] the Senate Rules should prevail so that they can defeat a well-qualified judge who does not share their view that the US Constitution is ‘a living document intended to evolve as our country evolves.’ In other words: The Constitution must evolve with the times (at the hands of unelected judges) but the Senate Rules should not?”

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