U.S. Senate vote could protect Texas musicians' rights

As one of the most diverse and vibrant states in the country, it comes as no surprise that Texas’ music legacy is as rich and creative as its population. George Strait has had more No. 1 (44) songs on Billboard’s Hot Country Chart than any other artist. Beyoncé has reigned on the charts since her debut as part of Destiny’s Child, and Selena catapulted Tejano music into the mainstream as Billboard’s top-selling Latin artist of the 1990s.

And while these artists appear as if they have little in common, they are all Texans.

Texas’ diverse musical heritage is the foundation of the state’s continued commitment to musical greatness. During a recent hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Music Modernization Act, bill co-sponsor Sen. John Cornyn described the impact of the Texas music economy.

The New T-Mobile Won't Thwart the 5G Revolution, It Will Start It

What's one app you couldn't live without? We all have our favorites, but chances are our treasured apps all have one thing in common—they wouldn't work without the 4G connectivity that is credited with the rise of internet-enabled mobile applications.

Would Your Business Benefit From Guidance on Protecting Your IP?

Would Your Business Benefit From Guidance on Protecting Your IP?

People who paid close attention during the 2016 presidential campaign will likely recall then-candidate Donald Trump’s frequent assertions that the trade relationship between the United States and China was one-sided in favor of China. A significant part of his argument was that, in addition to a trade deficit, China frequently stole the intellectual property of United States companies.1

The Hill: Comprehensive legislation on verge of bringing music copyright laws into the 21st Century

According to Neilsen, the overall consumption of music in the U.S. increased nearly 13 percent in 2017. R&B/hip-hop has emerged as the most popular genre in the U.S., yet Americans still love the classics – the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band was the top-selling vinyl album last year, 40 years after its release changed music forever. The quality and timelessness of music combined with innovative technologies that now respect and support it has led to growth and optimism for artists.

The Hill: Congress should ensure Pai's decision on net neutrality stands firm

Now that the Federal Communications Commission has voted to repeal the Obama administration’s Title II internet regulation and the dialogue is a little less clouded with catastrophist rhetoric, we should stand back and consider what this decision actually achieved, what the likely impact is, and what policy makers can do now to bring some much needed certainty to internet markets.

American Continental Group Signs Five

American Continental Group has signed another five clients: Cognizant Technology Solutions, Diebold Nixdorf, News Corporation, the Onex Corporation and Textron. The firm has signed more than 30 new clients this year, helped by the reputation of David Urban, a lobbyist there who’s seen as close to Trump’s administration after serving as a senior adviser on Trump’s campaign and helping him win Pennsylvania.

A White House Defender in the Trenches of the Swamp

David Urban’s inbox is jammed. If you don’t mind, he just needs a moment to make sure there are no crises requiring his attention. The burly lobbyist settles into his office chair overlooking glass-paneled downtown Washington office buildings and sifts through the missives, which these days are heavy on Trump administration access seekers. “Can you give me Steve Mnuchin’s email?” he reads aloud — a note from someone seeking the Treasury secretary’s contact.

"Industry Insider" Marla Grossman of American Continental Group Named a Washington DC Super Lawyer - again.

Marla Grossman is known as one of the country’s preeminent intellectual property government relations attorneys.   Dubbed “The Influencer” by I AM Modern Magazine, the Washington Business Journal claimed, “Marla Grossman seems to turn everything she touches into gold” and named her one of the Washington DC area’s “Most Influential Business Women”. 

K Street Scrambles for Dems

"If regular order returns — committee consideration of authorizing legislation followed by appropriations — those closest to the legislation will be the highest priorities and appropriations staff will be key players. If not, leadership staff of both parties will continue to be sought after. Since there will be a new Democratic Leader in the Senate, his staff may come at a premium."