Washington Insight™ Daily Email Alerts

We understand that fund managers have volumes of information that must be digested each day. The Washington Today™ daily email alerts let you know, in a concise and succinct manner, what Congress, the Administration and Federal Regulators are planning to do that day, and keeps you up to speed in real time as events unfold.

ACG Analytics designates a team of principals to monitor key issues that feed into the daily updates. We report on the relevant activities and interpret what it means for you. ACG Analytics strongly believes that information from the federal government without proper interpretation can be meaningless.
We encourage feedback on the daily alerts, so we can stay on top of what most interests you. Often, our Washington Insight™ email alerts can prompt interest in a particular matter. ACG Analytics also provides Washington Insight™ Issue Reports, which provide more in-depth policy and political explanation of key issues.

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