Our Firm

ACG has been successfully serving its clients for more than fifteen years and is one of Washington’s premiere government affairs and strategic consulting firms. We are a trusted advisor to some of the country’s largest businesses, states and municipalities, and nonprofit organizations.

Our principals have an unparalleled depth of both policy and political expertise as well as breadth of government reach that allows us to tackle problems that few others can. At our core, we are passionate about finding innovative solutions to the biggest challenges and providing real results that matter to businesses, organizations and people. Click here to see a list of our clients.

Strategic Counsel

In these uncertain times, ACG provides candid, objective and experienced advice. Our clients call us when they have a major strategic or operational need or an organizational challenge. They have come to rely on ACG for its leadership, experienced management and results.

Our strategic counsel begins by helping you define your end objective. We do this by employing some old-fashioned values all too rare these days. We listen. We ask questions. We respect the uniqueness of your organization and its needs. From there, we will craft a strategy that measures out each step, with milestones in the process required to achieve the end result. We consider ourselves full partners with our clients, and we are not afraid to disagree, regardless of the popularity of our views, in order to give you the best counsel.

At ACG, we’ll help you define what you want to accomplish, plan how best to accomplish it, and then execute.

Effective Advocacy

Have you ever been a part of a conversation or a negotiation where the two parties continually talk past each other?

Effective communication means talking in the language that the other party understands, and in the case of policy and politics, language that motivates them.

At ACG, our team’s diverse experience gives us a deep understanding of both the inside and the outside language of Washington. We work with you to simplify complex issues and communicate them succinctly and directly in a way that both engages and motivates the target audience.

Once developed, ACG’s team of seasoned Washington veterans can put your message in front of the key decision-makers at the right time.

Meaningful Results

At ACG, we begin with your end goal in mind. Our entire process – research, analysis, corporate positioning, message development, advocacy, and political engagement are all seen through the prism of the end goal. We succeed when our clients succeed. We deliver meaningful results through clarity of purpose, consistent superior service, professional conduct, and our complete commitment.