At ACG, we integrate a comprehensive array of services. Our deep bench of professionals can handle everything from addressing targeted needs to providing the full range of services that can tackle a major Washington initiative from start to finish.

Legislative Advocacy and Risk Mitigation

In a campaign, you need both “boots on the ground” and the ability to see the field ahead. ACG has the strategic capacity and vision on how best to position for it.
ACG’s team of experienced Washington veterans can provide this unique and important prism. We can help your organization make the correct first impression, build new relationships, anticipate the political landscape ahead, and seize market and policy opportunities.

ACG will help you define your end objective and then build and execute a strategy on how to get there. We work side by side with each client, creating a custom plan based both on the objective but also taking into consideration each company’s unique culture and ethic.

Coalition Management

Larger projects often involve multiple actors and participants. Too often, these projects can become unwieldy, choked by information flow and stymied by lack of clarity on execution. ACG’s senior strategists have managed large and complex organizations and handled intricate negotiations. We can assist your firm in managing diverse coalitions and teams of people, and work with you to ensure that such large undertakings are staying on track and delivering the targeted results.
Further, ACG’s professional network extends far beyond Washington. We have relationships with Governors, State Legislators and Mayors, and leading opinion makers across the country.

Political Forecasting and Management

New leaders and opinion makers are constantly emerging. At ACG, we can help you stay current with developing national and state campaigns and political trends, work with you to develop strategic opportunities for engagement, manage your political profile, and facilitate new alliances.

Public Affairs and Strategic Communications

In Washington, information is currency. Targeted, timely and meaningful information geared towards Members and the local staff is a crucial part of the decision-making process. ACG can assist you in the planned use of media relations and public communications in support of your government relations objectives.

Corporate Business Development

ACG can help facilitate opportunities for our corporate clients to sell products and services to the government, participate in new government initiatives, or navigate the process necessary for taking advantage of existing government programs to create value for companies.